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Updated: Jul 17, 2018

There will never be enough darkness in the world to put out the tiniest light on the candle.

I guess I could start my first blog by saying hello, or is that to formal? To boring? To plain? But I usually greet people with the word 'alright' but I can't possibly start a piece of writing with the world 'alright'. Maybe I should just scrap it altogether. People probably won't read it anyway, but so what if they don't your doing it for you and just in the hope it may interest and or help others. I hope by now you have worked out my first mental health problem, so how about this intro instead...

Welcome to living with Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression can be frustrating, physically and emotionally challenging and it can bring you to the point of believing there is no way out-eventually reaching breaking point. Now admittedly I'm not one to be positive and I'm not here to tell you it will go away because only 24 hours ago I believed there wasn't a way out either and I am sure my time for that will come again. So if your hear for fake news your in the wrong place, sorry. However, truth is what I can give you, struggles, weird and wonderful experiences and things that sometimes make me feel 'normal' for a couple of hours. Some days or periods of times are better than others and some days or periods of time your stuck in a bubble filled with doubt, nerves, hopelessness, your fight or flight mode will be in full swing, and that last candle that's lit, the last candle that is providing you with light at the end feels as though its about to be put out. The worst thing about it all is that it's about to be put out by YOU. I do believe you can feel better and the bubble that you get trapped in will still come but your be able to pull that pin out and burst it quicker and right in front of you will be the candle that you felt was about to go out and you will witness something so magical, it will light up a whole load more and eventually every time one goes out your be able to light another one straight back up again it may be the same one or it may be a new one but either way your have more flames to put out than you started off with and that's good right?

I was thinking about explaining in detail what it feels like to suffer but I am guessing if your reading this you already know and I am positive you will be able to relate to most of my experiences with it and if you don't please at least try and relate to me so I don't feel and sound like a total looney. P. S this is one of them things isn't it where only we can call us by names because we suffer with the illness or illness's.


I thought I would finally give a quick introduction as to why I have decided to start blogging and what some off my blogs may consist of. So I decided to start bogging because believe it or not I love talking and sharing experiences. I also found myself googling quite a bit in relation to my mental health and I would always look for sites where people felt the same as me or where I thought I would find answers, I never found the answers I was looking for but I found comfort in knowing I wasn't alone. So I am hoping to have the same impact on others and still on myself as my first and foremost reason to start was for me, I find comfort in writing down how I feel. Sometimes I scribble it out after writing it but this time I can press send. My blog will consist of motherhood when suffering, daily struggles with mental health, experiences and life in general. Oh and in advance PLEASE excuse my sarcasm and a few possible swear words.

Sit back, Relax and Enjoy laughing at my expense. DO NOT hesitate to join in with me.



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