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There is no more room on my floor!

I thought I would do a quick post before I head out to meet a friend for the evening. It's basically about what it says on the tin. THERE IS NO MORE ROOM ON MY FLOOR! Why? Damn it, this means I have to tidy! Ugh, now I cant blame this one wholly on my Mental Health because I never really enjoyed tidying anyway. I don't think anyone does do they? I understand the pleasure from it afterwards but not during. But hey, each to their own. I just generally view it as a chore and no-one likes chores!

Anyway although I despised it beforehand I still done it, I still only had to look at it to know I needed to do it and then I would actually get up and do it. Where as now I find that task so difficult and I just don't understand why? I know it is usually because we are exhausted and the thought of doing it makes us feel the exhaustion but I don't get why that particular thing comes into our ''situations'' and more importantly how is that helping me hide away from the world? It's a weird one don't you think? We don't tidy simply because we just can't be bothered to face it can we and because we are exhausted. But then not facing something is also our way of hiding isn't it? Only in this circumstance we hide under 5 bowls, 2 plates, 6 dirty jumpers, 7 pairs of trousers, a couple old make up wipes, a few crumbs from last night's tea and some other weird and strange things, we don't really know what but we know it's no longer living LOL. Back to my point so how is not tidying helping me hide from it. I get not picking up your phone to hide from social media, and the things your see or read I get not going out to hide from people, I get avoiding situations to hide from a circumstance or consequence, I get all of that I just never really get why ''becoming messy'' is a symptom.

Other than exhaustion and not seeing the pleasure or point. Wait!!!! Did I just answer my own question? I actually did, didn't I? But then I still don't get why hiding under it helps us hide from it (other than we can't see through all the shit) and why that specific thing to hide from is common in so many people. Maybe it's because it's an every day task in life for most people. I don't know, what do you think?

Lots of love xo



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