• carlalily112

Predator vs Prey

Hey guys, so here is my ‘vlog’! I hope I get the point I am trying to make across to you all apologies in advance, I babble and from what I have recently found out I get side tracked quite a lot. Even in my own company, I guess that’s another beautiful thing about having an over active brain.

If my my point doesn’t seem quite clear to you, then here it is in writing.

You are the prey, your illness is the predator. DO NOT let the predator win. Fight it, but don’t fight it with nothing. If you didn’t know how to swim you wouldn’t try to escape from something or someone by jumping in a sea or a pool and swimming away. Because let’s face it without a life jacket around you and a boat pulling you to safety you wouldn’t get very far. So use the skills you already have and better them if you can, you are what you already have, it’s you! It’s strength, courage and wisdom. Or use what you can access to your advantage. See it is a challenge. If you don’t like seeing it as seeking and receiving help, see it as recruiting and gathering your equipment. As long as we all keep coming well equipped and fighting back, I’m sure like anything it will get bored and eventually not bother returning for you. It may try now and then, it may chance it, try it’s luck but by then we will be even stronger and more prepared than last time and if you wasn’t quite ready for it’s return that’s okay, practice makes perfect and it’s ALWAYS okay not to be okay. Don’t forget that. But go and start gathering your equipment that pill the doctor gave you may not be for you but that remedy from Holland’s and Barrett’s might be. Test the water to find your weapon and as I said earlier you’re are always going to have an advantage because you‘re always going to have you! Lots of love xo



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