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Panic Attacks-Pain in the ass attacks

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

(I chose this picture because we all more than likely do the complete opposite to this when we're panicking)

Welcome to my first of many blog's about panic attacks.

Aren't they so annoying!

I am not sure if there is anything more annoying than a panic attack, I am pretty certain they know when we are in situations where it would be absolutely devastating to have one, but hey. Here it is! Admittedly I do know they are nothing to worry about and that it is just a massive adrenaline rush and I know there is way's to help. I just haven't found mine yet so it's still a massive worry to have one and it's still hits me just as hard.

The thing is I can sometimes think myself into having one, because I'll be so worried about one coming that I bring it on myself and that is what stresses me out the most. But once you start thinking you just get to the point where you can't stop it now, well so you think anyway. Or sometimes I'll know when it's coming and then I'll be like oh here it is, its coming, bloody hell here it is and I'll be trying to stop it or control it but then I find it only gets worse because in that couple of seconds I have had about 1000 thoughts. Them 1000 thoughts not being good ones either. I guess at the moment I am just trying to find that something to help me control them or to get through them with ease. I literally feel as though I am having a heart attack but please remember you definitely are not and panic cannot kill you. I know it's so hard to remember at the time but we are still here aren't we. I suppose we could make ourselves feel better by calling ourselves the survivors of panic attacks. You know what, yeah we will. Well done us we survived and we will survive again and again and again.

Honestly though, I did generally convince myself I was having a heart attack one evening. It was a very traumatic moment for me I look back at it now and I find it so silly that I generally convinced myself that I was in the middle of a heart attack but I had time to google the signs and symptoms of that. Now I don't want to ever have to experience one first hand but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be lying in bed googling until my eyes went black, my mouth went numb and my flight or fight mode kicked in which encouraged me to run up and down the stairs flapping my arms and hands around like I was trying to fly(actually I suppose I was trying to fly lol, I was in 'flight' mode ).



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