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It need's more awareness!

So I came across a person’s status that had been shared, liked and commented on thousands upon thousands of times with people’s approval. The status read ‘no one cares about your depression until you are dead’

I am not sure I completely agree on this, yes people who may not have known a person so well may comment on a person’s timeline with their condolences and yes some people may share a little story they may of encountered with the belated person or they may make the comment ‘I never knew’. But this is just generally how social media is these day’s and in general what happens when a death occurs and it’s made public on social media sites and for most people they feel as though they are being polite and/or respectful to family members and close friends by leaving their condolences. For some grieving families and for some grieving friends this brings comfort to them.

However, a status like this one can bring so many emotions for one person. It would only take a person suffering to read this and believe their cry for help isn’t working and the only way they will find peace and people will know and understand is if they ended their life. When a person chooses to end their life it is usually one of the most selfless acts to do. Your totally convinced that doing something so horrendous will be much better for others, you are convinced that you’re a burden to so many people and the world would generally be a better place without yourself in it. This status can really throw a person of the wrong path. But just a quick reminder before I go on, you are NOT a burden, you are NOT weird, the world would NOT be a better place without you in it.

I do not agree that people do not care about your mental health until you are dead, however I do agree that not everyone is completely aware of your mental health state and the struggles you are facing. Mental health is one of the most biggest HIDDEN illnesses and for some people you wouldn’t even know a person suffered until they make a decision to end their life due to it. Some people don’t want others to know because it’s ‘shameful’ in their eyes and/or because they can’t quite explain or understand themselves why they are feeling like they do so how could they possibly try to explain it to others. Some people just simply can’t find any reason for feeling the way they do and for some they can’t face questions after questions about it. If however the people around you are aware of your situation and still show no signs of compassion then you may be in the wrong place with the wrong people and as hard as it may be you need to get out of that circle that you are in.

Of course you will come across people that don’t care and that’s okay. Because there will be something in life you don’t care for either, mental health wont affect everyone, cancer wont affect everyone, CF won’t affect everyone the list can go on. You may come to find that not everyone is phased by such matters and like I said that is okay. Do you want to know why that is okay? Because you will still come across people that do care, whether that be people close to home or whether that be a complete stranger to you. There is always someone who is going to care.

But for these to come clearer to sufferers of mental health I truly believe that there needs to be more awareness, there needs to be more circulating on signs and symptoms, there needs to be more charity’s, more leaflets, more posters on busses, more billboards, more posters on the back of toilets, more adverts, more facts, more statistics, more radio adverts, more education on mental health! It should be drummed in to us like cancer Is drummed in to us, so when we notice a sign or a symptom on ourselves or others we can do something. There needs to be easier access for support networks, there needs to be an easier way for sufferers to be able to approach, contact and connect with people that can help, there needs to be people that will meet a sufferer half way and/or all the way there needs to be more people who are aware of the effects mental health has on a person so all these individuals can reach out to a sufferer first, before the sufferer has to suffer more trying to reach out for help, before they hide away, before they convince themselves they are totally alone, before it grows and before it completely over takes a person’s life, before they lose the courage to open up about it. If everyone had full awareness on mental health, people would learn to notice and be able to point out a sufferers cries for help. Sometimes a sufferer will cry for help without even realising they are doing it. Which is when it would be down to us to step in and help.

You will come across people that have been suffering for years but never even knew they were suffering with a Mental Health illness. The only time they realised they were was when they were told by a doctor or when they were asked a simple question and they replied truthfully. Only then realising their answer was very abnormal and they shouldn’t be feeling that way. Because even though we do feel that way and it is 100% okay not to be okay. It is not the norm and realistically we shouldn’t feel the way we do, but we do feel that way because we have an illness and that is what it is, it is just an illness! And the more that people understand it the more everyone can do about it.

It’s a learning process for both parties. But together we can beat it. We can encourage, we can support, we can help, we can make ‘’it’s okay to not be okay’’ an actual real life thing not just a saying. I know for me, if I had someone point out a few things when I first started suffering at the age of 16/17 that I may not have grown in to the habits and feelings I feel and do now. Because I would have been able to recognise it at its earlier stages, I would of had more time to learn how to shut down the negative feelings before eventually it took me to a point of putting my foot down on the accelerator to gather enough speed to hit the tree in front with force and only then did I realise something was wrong and now I have something so strong to fight with now I am finding it harder to deal with it because of the strength and power it now has on me. If I knew back then what I know now, It wouldn’t have been so strong, I would have been able to learn, cope and shut it down quicker before ever having to reach the point of suicide x2 and luckily enough for me, my family, my friends they failed and I Intend to never reach that point again and I intend to raise awareness and help others before they ever have to experience what I have and what others have.

Lots of love xo



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