You're not the only one, believe me!

Please feel comfort and reassurance in knowing that you have stumbled across at least 1 other person that feels the same way as you do. That's me by the way :). The little man on my back is my son, he is my sunshine in the rain. Of course he drives me insane at times but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

The reason for this picture is to point a few things out;

1. I am a mum, which means I provide fun, happiness, compassion and general care for a young human being.

(So I shouldn't be sad, frustrated, stressed, angry, nervous and all the other things that come with it. Because I should be strong)

2. I'm clearly laughing in this picture which insinuates I am happy.

(So I can't possibly be suffering with a mental health illness because I am smiling)

3. I am outside

(So surely if I was suffering I wouldn't be outside because don't people like sit in there houses all day)

4. I look well

(So finally, I should be wearing sweatpants, with an oversized t and a messy bun but not one that I have made messy one that is messy because I haven't brushed my hair in weeks)

WRONG!!!! Everything I have said in brackets is utter..CRAP!. Mental illness's aren't always visible and should never be judged in the way I have just judged myself from one photo. You deserve to be you and whatever way that is, embrace it. In fact let's embrace it together, lets help each other. So welcome to my page!



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